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Everyone has secrets.


Claramae Howards is no exception. Her secret is seven-years-old and starting to ask about his dad—the love she could never get over. Pursuing her love of art brings her a world of surprise and heartache…otherwise known as Julian’s father.


Reid Nyte gave up his heart for a chance at the Majors, but a shattered knee sends his future down the drain. Now he’s taken over the family business, putting him on a path back to Claramae.


Not everyone is happy that the old flames have found their way to each other again, and dormant threats turn deadly. Claramae and Reid struggle to work through their past while protecting their present and building a future.


Fate brought the couple back together, but will the threats looming over them tear them apart forever?



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I invite you to take a journey with me
You have no idea how wild my mind can be

Romance is a must
I’ll have you seeing stardust

Continue if you dare
For there is love in the air

With adventure around every corner
Don’t mind your constant female boner

Countless twists and turns
All the while our heart yearns